I am passionate about creating accessories, it gives me the opportunity to try different materials, even those found in old Kenyan stores. I enjoy transforming plastic or metals and embellishing them with stones or precious fabrics. An acessorie whether bag or jewel or a detail for


Sometimes inspired by the material, by the manual art work or by the need


The emotion that light generates is the source of our way of perceiving a space, so I create elements that decorate the rooms with their shape, their material and their play of light and shadow.


I design furniture following a criterion of essentiality in the shape thus giving value to the materials, sometimes a joint or the combination of two opposing materials generates a fascinating result I love to create unusual shapes, and at the same time comfortable, often unique


A small hand-made aluminum tube can generate luminous sculptures, important frames, jewels and much more. A seam made with fishing net threads can also embroider a piece of iron sheet. A simple interlocking of two materials becomes the peculiarity of the object itself.